December 3rd Meeting Speaker: The Case for Being Toxic Free

Join Us December 3rd at our weekly meeting as we learn from Jill Dixon, Certified ToxicFree® Coach with Healthy Home Company and Dr. Cade Copeland, Doctor of Chiropractic, LIFEStrength Family Chiropractic & Healthy Home Company, Medical Adviser Team about toxins in our homes.

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Back in 2011, Jill confronted head-on the toxic lifestyles we are exposed to through our environment, and especially the toxic products that are unknowingly being used on our children. Born out of a search for understanding, born out of unconditional love  for her daughter, Emma, and the desire to provide her with the best, healthiest life possible, Jill began to teach herself about the chemical ingredients found in our homes and products. When Jill found out about the Healthy Home Company in October 2013, it was evident to her that she was already on the same very important mission to protect our families and it was only natural for her to take an active role in sharing what she was learning! An educational company first and foremost, and then a quality product business, the Healthy Home Company, along with Jill, is on a global cause to expose the dangerous chemicals used in our homes and on our bodies and the profound implications it’s having on our health.

As a Certified ToxicFree® Coach, Jill is a trusted resource for information on living toxic free. She can help empower you towards healthier lifestyles through education and utilizing available resources to make intentional buying decisions that will keep your home and your children safe from harmful chemical exposure. You can begin by simply replacing toxic chemical laden products with safe solutions for personal care, health, wellness, skin care & household solutions for the entire family & home that are retail competitive and convenient; delivering the all-natural, 100% ToxicFree® Certified, Eco Cert, Organic, store right to your door!

Connect with Jill Dixon, Certified ToxicFree® Coach with Healthy Home Company

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Dr. Cade & his staff are passionate about educating and supporting families on their journey towards true health. His dream is to give people the proper knowledge and action steps to experience their full God-given health potential.  Being reactive about your health = pain, suffering, sickness and disease.

Being proactive = taking control of future, preventing chronic disease, and avoiding the American statistics.

Connect with Dr. Cade, Doctor of Chiropractic, LIFEStrength Family Chiropractic & Healthy Home Company, Medical Adviser Team:



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