CSN Poinsettia Sale- Kiwanians get them delivered!


CSN Parent Association Annual Poinsettia Sale

It’s time for our annual PA Poinsettia Sale! they are available for purchase by pre-order only. You need to order by Friday, November 22.  The cost of each 10″ potted plant is $20. They are available in either red or white. Checks made payable to CSN or cash.

Delivery service is available for large orders of five or more plants. To arrange, please call PA Co-Presidents Gina Ramirez at 239-825-8607, Charla Press at 239-398-4466, Loretta Spezio at 239-776-2790. Proceeds from the sales will go toward supporting CSN school programs and events. Thank you for your support.

Gina Ramirez wanted to let you know that she can have them delivered to all of the Kiwanians because she understands that it is not always easy to come to our school. These are the big Poinsettias. They’re usually about three feet tall and come in the wrapping.




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